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1 Overview

Herein you will find information on the software I've written or contributed to, howtos, and speeches. I'm highly opinionated. I've also written quite a bit of music.

2 Blogs

I keep a pair of blogs: Postcards from the Bleeding Edge, and Entering the Nex-6. I've been writing the first one, which has over 950 posts, since 2002, and contributing to the second one since late 2010. Both are far more interesting than this web site! Go there now!

3 Projects

I have an on-going interest into several projects - ardour, jack, Linux, linux-rt, the Babel routing daemon, Emacs (particularly org-mode), and the Mesh Potato. I just spent 3 years working on wisp6.

My principal coding platform is x8664. I've also been working on Arm based processors since 1998. Both architectures are a joy to work on (unlike x86). In the past I've worked on nearly every architecture and coding platform known to man. These days I try to stick to Linux on one of those two processor types.

4 Interests

I've written stuff in more languages than I can count, but my best language remains C. I keep wishing I could use LISP for something!

Probably my greatest interest outside of computers is the space program, particularly the exploration of the near earth asteroids.

I have a lot of frustrations in life.

English is my native language. I have spent 4 years overseas, learning Español, but I can't claim that I am fluent, and the knowledge rapidly fades.

5 Contact information

If you want to reach me via email, you can reach me via d+public SPAMMERS PLEASE DIE @ after deleting the rhetoric about spammers. Please note that I have implemented really comprehensive anti-spam filtering and greylisting and it is possible that your first email will be dumped into “/dev/null” or delayed for an hour or more.

My resume is available. From a coding standpoint, I only work on open-source projects these days. Life is too short to work outside a viable development community. I do do feasibility analysis of new projects and project direction for non-open-source and hardware related stuff. I also do system administration and whatever else comes up to stay on the bleeding edge.

6 Other Tahts

Aaron Täht Beverly Täht Brian Täht Linda Täht

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