The Tenative Return of
Been away a long time

The return of

For years I maintained multiple sites on the internet. After a while, it seemed less and less relevant, and most of my energies were sucked into working on bufferbloat and other projects like cerowrt.

Along the way I used things like straight html, org-mode, ikiwiki, and now I’m trying hugo.

This is just a skeleton of my return. I’d just like to sit down and WRITE, and not have to worry about the formatting at all. You know, when you had an editor that could, like, spell check?

And I am not in need of a blog, per se for, just all the pointers it used to have to useful stuff, my music, my family, etc. That’s all on something like 4 backup drives spread around the planet, so it will be a while.

December 12, 2015
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